The first step to financial progress is getting in touch. Check out some of the questions we get a lot, or contact us to schedule a one-on-one with a financial advisor through MassMutual New York State.


frequently asked questions

Are Classes Really Free?

They really are. We want to make getting smart about money as affordable as possible.

In addition to our free classes, we also offer various events, such as fundraisers and paint nights. For special events, attendees pay a one-time fee between $10-$40.

Are you going to freak out if I walk in with a bad credit score/no clue what I owe/an empty 401(k)?

No way (to all of the above). In the course of our careers, we’ve seen a lot—so it takes a lot to faze us. It’s our job to help educate you to make the most of the situation you might find yourself in—not to judge how you got there.

I’ve already read all about credit scores/student loan payments/retirement planning online. Is there really anything else for me to learn?

First of all, good job on the research. Too many people aren’t paying attention to this stuff at all, so you’re ahead of the game. When you join us for a class, you’re getting advice that makes the most sense for people like you. After all, what’s relevant to someone in their fifties might not be the smartest thing for a twenty or thirty something.

The other part of it? Classes can help you be a little more objective about your situation. On your own, you might be able to rationalize using extra funds to feed your latte addiction (ahem, versus putting them in your 401(k)), but taking a step back can help you spot those trouble spots a mile away.

What’s your relationship with MassMutual?

The Establishment is a learning initiative presented by Vision Financial Group. What does that actually mean? We can offer classes and events in a cool environment built just for you—but we also work closely with Vision Financial Group, so you get the very best experience. For more information, please click here.

So I need to have a lot of savings to join, right?

Nope. If you want to start saving, we want to help you learn how. Our classes can even help you figure out where to cut back to free up the cash you need to hit the ground running.

Where the heck are you?

We’re located in the Walker Center in Williamsville, NY. We’re easy to get to from both Buffalo proper and its suburbs, no matter how busy your schedule.

What is the Establishment?

We’re a place and a group of people that are here to help individuals learn to make the most of their money. We have a brick-and-mortar location where you can come hang out, enjoy drinks with peers, and take part in classes and events on some pretty cool topics.