The idea of “checkups” might take you back to the pediatrician’s office. But we’re doing it a little differently here at The Establishment with our educators through Vision Financial Group. Because no matter how much help you need to get on your way, a painless (and free!) 30-minute financial checkup is a great place to start.



Through Vision Financial Group, our educators from The Establishment will sit down with you in a no-pressure setting to talk about your goals and current financial picture.


All things financial are fair game—from student loans and retirement planning to paying down debt and planning to buy your first home. If a topic gets money on your mind, we’re ready to talk about it.


We get it: it’s not always easy to talk about money. But our advisors have seen it all, and are ready to help you get a handle on money need-to-knows—and even have some fun along the way.


Schedule your checkup with one of our advisors below.


Joe Bianchi

my story

Once I left the automotive industry and started in the financial services business 13 years ago, I knew I wanted to stay. Helping people create a financial roadmap to plan for the future and watching them get a sense of security in knowing they are going to be all right is a great reward. It’s very important for me to make a difference in someone’s life – even someone I don’t know.

When I’m not dispelling many of the financial misconceptions people have, I enjoy golfing, vacationing with my wife, and playing with my dogs. I was born in Illion, NY and raised for most on my life in Greece, NY. I love the relatively short commutes wherever traveling in Rochester, where people enjoy a lower cost of living over other major cities.

You should know

I’ve been married 13 years. My wife is a Speech Language Pathologist and I’m very proud of the work she does and the difference she makes.

fun facts

Hidden talent

I can juggle

Happy hour order


Dream destination


When I was 10, I wanted to be a

A professional athlete


Jim Ferrari

my story

Everything I do is for my family. So after 24 years in the restaurant and foodservice industry, I went into financial services because it offered flexibility for family and the freedom to build my own business. The field is so rich, it can be a challenge staying focused on just one thing at a time.

Over a decade later, I still enjoy seeing my clients and team reach and exceed their goals. I feel rewarded knowing I was there to coach them along their way to success.

Outside of work, I love to cook and build/fix things. Remodeling and fine woodworking is another passion of mine, which I did professionally. I can build custom doors and moldings in my own shop. Beyond that, I like spending time with my family and attending my kids’ sporting events.

Originally from Walworth, I live in the Rochester area simply because everything is 20 minutes away and my family is here.

You should know

Past president for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Been on the board for six years.

fun facts

Song that never gets old

“You’ve Got a Friend” by James Taylor

Favorite restaurant

McCann’s Local Meats

Drink of choice

Amber lager, nothing too hoppy

Wish I knew more about:

As a father of two... the teenage mind


Eric Palumbo

my story

Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s my mantra. I saw the effects bad planning can have on people and that is what led me to a career as a financial professional about 10 years ago.

Unlike most of the educators at The Establishment, I am based out of Rochester, New York and I am stoked to help take this program “on the road” to educate individuals here in our community.

What do I love most about my job? Getting to build relationship with all sorts of people from different walks of life and helping them get a handle on their financial future.

I am proud to call Rochester home where I live with my wife Jen and our daughter, Francesca.

You should know

Adventure seeker and self-proclaimed bourbon snob. Find me in summer enjoying some down time in the beautiful Finger Lakes.

fun facts

Super power of choice


Would like to learn more about

Being "handy"

Binge worthy

Chester Cab deep dish pizza

Would order this at the bar



Derek Szczupakowski

my story

My life in Buffalo started with a Finance concentration within the bachelors of Business Management program at UB. I was hired during my senior year of college, and I've found my home here at MassMutual New York State. I loved the city so much I never left.

It’s hard to consider your financial future now when you think time is on your side. But, there is no better time than now to get serious about your money. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that the work that I do makes a dramatic impact on the lives of others.

This career keeps me busy; no two days are ever alike. In my free time I am actively involved with the Alzheimer’s Association here in Buffalo. I am an avid golfer, bowler, and Bills fan. In Western New York those are all seasonal things, so it tends to keep me busy all year round!

I am happy to call Williamsville home with my wife Jackie and our son, Jude who we recently welcomed into the world. Seeing the resurgence in the city, and the pride of my fellow Buffalonians has been an amazing experience. Buffalo is everything I could want from a city and more!

You should know

Find me relaxing after a round of golf with a Vodka Gimlet. Committed to helping people plan for the future they want.

fun facts

Song that never gets old:

In My Life by The Beatles

Can't live without:

My wife and kids

Most used emoji:


Favorite book:

The Stand by Stephen King


Sarah Blankenship

my story

The way I live my life—never wanting to miss out on anything—feeds right into the way I help people learn about finances. Peace of mind should come first, so when it comes to helping people learn about the financial world, I sweat the details.

You never know what's going to give you the wake up call that you're an adult and need to get smart about money (for me, it was buying a toaster for the first time!), so I'm ready to educate people, no matter where they are in the process.

Like lots of people my age, I’m pretty busy outside of work—from holding a Tae Kwon Do black belt to holding office as president of the Western New York Charter Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association—so I get that it can be hard to make the time to talk about money. But I think once millennials start learning more, they’ll see it’s well worth it.

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Chef and entertainer at heart. North Buffalo runner. Believer in living for today and planning for tomorrow.

fun facts

Favorite wine

Mark West Pinot Noir

On the bucket list

Hit every island in the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo”

Morning must-have

Lots (and lots) of coffee

Favorite restaurant

Woo Chon Korea House in Williamsville