An Establishment Class:

Understanding Craft Beer and Financial Plans

Learn about some locally brewed craft beers, learn the fundamentals of tasting techniques and understand why a financial plan can be crucial in mapping out your financial future.

The boardroom isn’t a place to get answers about craft beer and the barroom isn’t the place to chart your financial path. This class brings instruction about both topics to the same place, creatively merging information about financial plans with the fun of craft beer and brewing knowledge.

Together, we’ll alternate through topics like what ingredients go into making a full-bodied craft brew and how a financial plan is used to map a path to help reach your goals. Most importantly, if you are joining us for an in-person session, we’ll sip craft beer together throughout a night that’s not your typical session. If you are joining us online, don’t forget to BYOB!


In this class expect to learn:

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