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Have financial questions about items ranging from the state of the economy, health crisis-related financial aid or how to prep for future fiscal pitfalls? We’ll try to answer them all—as well as inquiries about any other monetary items—throughout this helpful and engaging session.

Uncertain financial times can bring up a variety of questions, concerning things as on-topic as job loss, and as unexpected as major home and car repairs. That’s the nature of a once-in-a-lifetime crisis, and this session hopes to address some of your big monetary concerns, along with any other items that are clouding your overall financial picture. We’ll discuss the vital importance of not only how to endure through our current affairs, but also preparing for future crises through such remedies as emergency savings and portfolio diversification. It’s a lot to digest, and it requires this type of stress-free discussion to address these financial issues of note, as well as others that are affecting myriad of individuals in considerable ways.

But remember: This is not a time to be scared. It’s a time to prepare, starting with answers to your specific fiscal concerns. Bring your questions, and let us help you find the answers.


In this class expect to discuss such topics as:


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