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Grant Kohler

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my story

I entered the financial services industry for one simple reason: to provide individuals with the financial direction necessary to live their best life. Direction can be hard to come by, but it’s always necessary to find your way.

My way started with stints in international sales for a medical company and in business development for my family’s century-old manufacturing company. Elements from those jobs–increasing cash flow and holdings, limiting risk, and leaning on the research of experts—now serves me in my career in financial services, and has me headed toward new discoveries, every day.

As a Rochester native who’s traveled to all seven continents—and loves to experience different cultures and natural wonders of the world—I feel education is an essential part of life, one that helps us grow and evolve. In helping individuals with their financial planning needs, I get the opportunity to learn about my clients’ goals, all while I share with them what it will take to get them there. Together, we cultivate financial plans aimed at a desired destination, while able to navigate any twists and turns that arise.

You should know

I’m also a private pilot, which seems like an off complement to financial planning, but it’s not. Flight planning can be a lot like financial planning. The point is to get from where we are to where we want to be, and along the way, we’re bound to encounter the unpredictable. Still, proper planning provides the smoothest ride—in both endeavors.

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