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Did you know we’ve expanded our private class offerings across Upstate New York to Rochester, Syracuse and Utica through our On The Road Program? That’s right. The Establishment now offers private classes in each of these cities for businesses, groups, organizations and friends.

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Meet An Advisor in Rochester, NY

Meet your team of Rochester advisors who can help you cover money need-to-knows—and make sure you have fun along the way.



Marlene Dattilo, CFP, CLTC, CFBS

my story

Financial services offered me a paying job right out of college and a way to learn about money. I thought it might be a handy topic for adulthood. Thirty years later, this is the only work I know how to do.

But this is much more than a job to me. Building relationships and making new friends are the most rewarding aspects of being in this career. It does get personal. Often, when working through a financial crisis with a client, I tend to feel their pain. But the successes are great, too. Building a firm that will live long after I’ve retired (hopefully to Aruba) inspires me.

Outside of work, if I’m not enjoying an outdoor music concert, I’m content just hanging out at home.


Jim Ferrari

my story

Everything I do is for my family. So after 24 years in the restaurant and foodservice industry, I went into financial services because it offered flexibility for family and the freedom to build my own business. The field is so rich, it can be a challenge staying focused on just one thing at a time.

Over a decade later, I still enjoy seeing my clients and team reach and exceed their goals. I feel rewarded knowing I was there to coach them along their way to success.

Outside of work, I love to cook and build/fix things. Remodeling and fine woodworking is another passion of mine, which I did professionally. I can build custom doors and moldings in my own shop. Beyond that, I like spending time with my family and attending my kids’ sporting events.

Originally from Walworth, I live in the Rochester area simply because everything is 20 minutes away and my family is here.


Chris Shekell

my story

While growing up in a blue-collar family, money was a common topic of conversation. I’ve always had an interest in the financial services industry and wanted to learn how to make smart money decisions and eventually pass that knowledge on to others.

Now, helping people reach their financial goals is the most rewarding part of my work and has always been a focal point in my ten-year career. My first job out of college was a Registered Representative for John Hancock. After a Management role at Transamerica, training and educating new financial advisors in Atlanta, GA, I helped wealth managers and investment advisors implement insurance and estate planning concepts into their practices. In 2016, I moved from Atlanta to Rochester to be closer to family and started working at MassMutual New York State in 2017.

I enjoy being within walking distance of restaurants, bars, parks and my office. Outside of work, I enjoy volleyball, golf, traveling and cooking.


Eric Palumbo

my story

Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s my mantra. I saw the effects bad planning can have on people and that is what led me to a career as a financial professional about 10 years ago.

Unlike most of the educators at The Establishment, I am based out of Rochester, New York and I am stoked to help take this program “on the road” to educate individuals here in our community.

What do I love most about my job? Getting to build relationship with all sorts of people from different walks of life and helping them get a handle on their financial future.

I am proud to call Rochester home where I live with my wife Jen and our daughter, Francesca.


Ryan Little

my story

I became fascinated by the financial industry at a very young age. When I realized that a career in it would allow me to help people on a daily basis, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

Ever since I graduated from University at Buffalo with a finance and marketing degree, I’ve been helping people make good decisions. Decisions that benefit them and their families for years to come, and that give them a sense of peace in knowing they are financially prepared for the future.

There are a lot of people out there that need and want our help, so I’m happy to do my part. Unfortunately, there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done, but we do what we can.

I love the Western New York area. Most of my family lives here, and the golf courses are great. When I’m not working, I’m happiest playing golf.

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