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Noah Fehrenbach

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my story

My mission is to collaborate with and serve people in pursuit of the freedom we all yearn for. Several personal experiences led me here; the most influential was the untimely death of my older brother. Since starting this career, relationships have proven more rewarding and life-changing than I imagined.

I’ve gained profound perspective from helping a client plan for a year so she could fulfill her dream of traveling the country, then seeing her extend that dream into a lifestyle. Seeing a client freed to focus solely on his health and recovery from cancer, while knowing that his wife was going to be okay financially.

In an earlier career, I was in special education; we’ve stayed connected through the Special Olympics. I’m a board member, and we focus family time and resources with the Polar Plunge—our four kids and I fundraise for this great cause.

Growing up in Rushville, NY (a small farm town south of Rochester), I learned the value of hard work early—I’d leave high school mid-day to feed, bed and milk cows.

You should know

Today, we live near Canandaigua Lake; it’s essential for us to be near water and great hiking trails. We’re even planning our next move, a little deeper into the woods. We’re excited to expand our space and give our retriever/husky mix, Kevin, more animals to play with.

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Favorite books

The Go-Giver, The Alchemist and The Daily Stoic

Guilty pleasure

Wings – lots and lots of wings

Drink of choice

Bourbon, neat

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